diving into aquaculture technologies

Vasch has many years of experience in aquaculture.
Not only via aquaponics (see aquaponics page) but also via dedicated aquaculture.
One of the strong benefits we have, is our experience in industrial development and automation. This gives us a unique approach toward aquaculture system development. Most fish farm developers come from agriculture or scientific worlds, not having the experience and knowledge of modern industrial processes and development.

Vasch is specialised in:

  • Engineering of aquaculture farms
    Including design of plants, automation, calculation of TAN, tubing, pump systems, etc
  • Sustainable development:
    looking for solutions for low environmental impact, such as fish feeding, waste water treatment and re-use, denitrification systems,

Developing aquaculture systems without having experience is difficult.
We have many years of experience, including:

  • 6 years of running our own trout-farm in Bonlez (Belgium): self-sustaining farm for rainbow trout
  • Engineering & development of 200 ton fish farm Omegabaars (Aqua4c), the most sustainable fish farm in the world
  • 5 years experience in project and operations management at Omegabaars (Aqua4c)
  • stong connections and relationships with aquaculture scientific reasearch centers, such as Aqua-Erf (Odisse school), KUniversity Leuven, etc.
  • more that 10 years experience in the development of sustainable aquaponics installations.