Development of food cultivating systems with closed nutrition, energy and residual loops.



Innovative development and project management of modern and sustainable RAS systems.



Over two decades of experience in industrial aquaculture & technology development.

immerced in aquaponics

Aquaponics is a relatively new sustainable way to produce food.
Aquaponics combines hydroponics with aquaculture, cultivating vegetables and fish in an ecological system.
But aquaponics is more than that: It is a stepping stone to the integration of energy and residual flows within modern agricultural clusters.

Vasch aquaponics is specialised in:

  • Development of professional aquaponics systems
  • Creative process developement of energy and residual flows in agriculture
  • Development small scale and professional systems
  • Aquaponics Training
  • Networking and partnering with worldwide Aquaponics organisations

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diving into aquaculture technologies

Our strength lies in the development of creative and innovative aquaculture systems.
Connecting different process blocks to optimize energy and waste streams is a crucial part of our philosophy.

Vasch is specialised in:

  • Engineering of aquaculture farms
    Including out-of-the-box plant design, automation, calculation of TAN, tubing, pump systems, etc
  • Sustainable development:
    Development of solutions for low environmental impact, such as energy optimalisation, fish feeding systems, waste water treatment and re-use, denitrification systems, integration of other industrial clusters and so on.

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strong in sustainable and innovative technology.

We are green engineers with a broad experience in all kind of industries.
Our prime motivation is to support companies in the development of technological systems.
We always try to do this in a creative and innovative way, using the latest developments to your benefit.
Developing in a sustainable way is also an important part of our vision: both in the sence of ‘having a low impact on nature’ as in the sence of ‘long lasting’. We have a strong focus on systems that combine technology with biology and ecology.

Vasch can support you with a wide range of services.
– Development of aquaponics and aquaculture systems.
– Development of off-grid systems.
– Reducition of the ecologic footprint.
– Development of devices and machines: mechanical and automation.
– Modification and tuning of machines and electro-mechanical systems or processes
– Engineering and design

We have experience in all kind of sectors, such as
– Aquaculture, Aquaponics
– Machine prototyping for food, agriculture, science and production industries
– Automation and PLC programming
– Aquaculture engineering & development
– Industrial maintenance
– Industrial specific IT support
– …

We are skilled in
– Production process architecture & development
– 2D and 3D design
– Electro-mechanics
– Pneumatics & Hydraulics
– …

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