strong in sustainable and innovative technology.

Our prime motivation is the development of technological systems.
We always try to do this in a creative and innovative way, using the latest developments to your benefit.
Work in a sustainable way is also an important part of our vision: both in the sence of ‘having a low impact on nature’ as in the sence of ‘long lasting’.

Vasch can support you with a wide range of services.
– Development of devices and machines
– Modification and tuning of machines and electro-mechanical systems or processes
– Engineering and design
– Hands-on services (repair and maintenance) on all kind of machines and industrial processes
– Development of software tools for maintenance, project planning etc.

We have experience in all kind of sectors, such as
– Machine prototyping for food, agriculture, science and production industries
– Aquaculture engineering & development
– Industrial maintenance
– Industrial specific IT support
– …

We are skilled in
– Production process architecture & development
– 2D and 3D design (Autodesk Inventor, Autocad)
– Electro-mechanics
– Pneumatics & Hydraulics
– …

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