25 years of experience in technological development, maintenance and consultancy

Strong in green and creative design, practical problem solving
and hands-on services.



More than a decade of experience in practical aquaponics

Development, Engineering,
consultancy & installation

for professionals and hobbyists



Strong in practical approach, innovative systems and sustainable projects

Engineering, development and installations of aquaculture systems.

strong in sustainable and innovative technology.

Our prime goal is to support companies in the development of technological systems.
We always try to do this in a creative and innovative way, using the latest developments to your benefit.
Developing in a sustainable way is also an important part of our vision: both in the sence of ‘having a low impact on nature’ as in the sence of ‘long lasting’. We have a strong focus on systems that combine technology with biology and ecology, such as aquaponics and aquaculture systems.

Vasch can support you with a wide range of services.
– Development of aquaponics and aquaculture systems.
– Development of off-grid systems (houses, ships,…).
– Reducition of the ecologic footprint.
– Development of devices and machines: mechanical and automation.
– Modification and tuning of machines and electro-mechanical systems or processes
– Engineering and design
– Hands-on services (repair and maintenance) on all kind of industrial installations.
– Development of software tools for maintenance, project planning etc.

We have experience in all kind of sectors, such as
– Aquaculture, Aquaponics
– Machine prototyping for food, agriculture, science and production industries
– Automation and PLC programming
– Aquaculture engineering & development
– Industrial maintenance
– Industrial specific IT support
– …

We are skilled in
– Production process architecture & development
– 2D and 3D design (Autodesk Inventor, Autocad)
– Electro-mechanics
– Pneumatics & Hydraulics
– …

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immerced in aquaponics

Aquaponics is a relatively new sustainable way for food production.
It combines hydroculture with aquaculture, whereby fishes produce the nutrients for the growth of the plants.
The system is known as one of the most environment-friendly systems for growing food.

Valentijn Schepens started with ‘Vasch aquaponics’ in 2009.
Since then, Vasch has been playing a leading role in aquaponics development and distribution of information in Europe.
Among the things that have been realised :

  • 2010: kick-off of, the Dutch aquaponics information site for hobbyists and professionals
  • 2012: kick-off of the Dutch Aquaponics forum on
  • 2014: development of the Vasch bell-siphon
  • 2014: partnership with Blue Acres (The Netherlands)
  • 2015 partnership with Smart Farmers (Belgium) and Aquaponie GĂ©rin
  • 2016: kick-off of the European Aquaponics Webshop:
  • 2017: formation of Aquaponics Professionals, a consortium to offer professional services in AP
  • 2018: partnership with De Groene Waters, as new sales point for
  • 2018: Official dealer for Uniseals
  • 2018: part of the founding team of the European Aquaponics Association

Vasch aquaponics is specialised in:

  • Aquaponics consultancy for backyard, urban and professional systems
  • Development of aquaponics specific systems and automation
  • Sales of aquaponics related products
  • Training via workshops and support in schools
  • Networking and partnering with worldwide Aquaponics organisations

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diving into aquaculture technologies

Vasch has many years of experience in aquaculture.
Not only via aquaponics (see aquaponics page) but also via dedicated aquaculture.
One of the strong benefits we have, is our experience in industrial development and automation. This gives us a unique approach toward aquaculture system development. Most fish farm developers come from agriculture or scientific worlds, not having the experience and knowledge of modern industrial processes and development.

Vasch is specialised in:

  • Engineering of aquaculture farms
    Including design of plants, automation, calculation of TAN, tubing, pump systems, etc
  • Sustainable development:
    looking for solutions for low environmental impact, such as fish feeding, waste water treatment and re-use, denitrification systems,

Developing aquaculture systems without having experience is difficult.
We have many years of experience, including:

  • own trout-farm in Bonlez (Belgium) since 2013: self-sustaining farm for rainbow trout
  • Engineering & development of 200 ton fish farm Omegabaars (Aqua4c), the most sustainable fish farm in the world
  • 5 years experience in project and operations management at Omegabaars (Aqua4c)
  • stong connections and relationships with aquaculture scientific reasearch centers, such as Aqua-Erf (Odisse school), KUL, Inagro, PCG, etc.
  • more that 10 years experience in the development of sustainable aquaponics installations.

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